Thursday, 15 November 2012

Draw for Suffolk Ladies' Championship

(see last Saturday's posting)

Organiser Vicky Allen has made the following draw. Each entrant will play six games:

Round 1

Emilia v. Liya
Vicky v. Anita
Adele v. Alba
(Bethany = bye)

Round 2
Bethany v. Emilia
Liya v. Alba
Adele v. Vicky
(Anita = bye)

Round 3
Anita v. Bethany
Liya v. Adele
Vicky v. Alba
(Emilia = bye)

Round 4
Emilia v. Adele
Bethany v. Vicky
Alba v. Anita
(Liya = bye)

Round 5
Anita v. Emilia
Vicky v. Liya
Bethany v. Adele
(Alba = bye)

Round 6
Emilia v. Vicky
Alba v. Bethany
Anita v. Liya
(Adele = bye)

Round 7
Alba v. Emilia
Adele v. Anita
Liya v. Bethany
(Vicky = bye)

Round 1 to be completed by 20 December
Round 2 to be completed by 20 January
Round 3 to be completed by 15 February
Round 4 to be completed by 10 March
Round 5 to be completed by 7 April
Round 6 to be completed by 1 May
Round 7 to be completed by 31 May

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