Sunday, 11 November 2012

Suffolk makes waves in Brighton (and Basingstoke)

Bury St Edmunds' Ed Player travelled to Brighton for the e2e4 Brighton Open this weekend. He finished in equal fourth place on 3½/5, behind the joint winners, GM Peter Wells and GM Keith Arkell, who both scored 4½ points. Ed's only loss was to Arkell. His 2304 rating performance will earn him 12 Elo points.

At the end of October both Ed and Alan Merry played in the five-day, nine-round Basingstoke Masters, also part of the e2e4 circuit. Both did remarkably well, against strong opposition. The winner was IM Ameet Ghasi on 6½ points, whilst Ed was the only untitled person (2 GMs, 4 IMs, 1 FM) in joint second place on 5½ points. This included a win over IM Jack Rudd and a draw with GM Bogdan Lalic. Ed's rating performance was 2348, which will see him gain a further 32 rating points.

Alan won his first round against a GM from Uzbekistan (see below), then drew in Round 2 with GM Bogdan Lalic. From this tough but promising start, results did not all go to plan, but he still finished with a rating performance of 2349, which included a win over IM James Cobb. This will mean an improvement of 29 points.

See the full results from both Basingstoke and Brighton.

Here's Alan Merry's win over a GM. Black's poor 32nd move allowed a strong attack:

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