Friday, 1 March 2013

Division 3 update

Division 3 hasn't had a mention since mid-December - see here - so it's high time we had an update.

Ipswich D still retain the lead, but Woodbridge School, who have scored 8 points from their last three matches (including a 3½-½ win over Ipswich D), are snapping at their heels.


Ipswich D1070326
Woodbridge School943221½
Ipswich E952220½
Saxmundham B932416
Clacton B922514
Stowmarket Rooks811610½

In the Player of the Season competition, Phil Mortonson is in the lead with 6½/8 (75%), whilst Keith Woodcock (70%) and Nikolay Lastochkin (67½%) are close behind.  The early leaders, Daniel Such and Silas Peck, have played an insufficient number of games to qualify.

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