Monday, 4 March 2013

First team lead the EACU

Following yesterday's matches against Bedfordshire, Suffolk's First team, captained by Ian Wallis lead the EACU First Team League:

TeamPlayedWonDrawnLostMatch PointsGame Points

The final two matches, against Norfolk and Cambridgeshre, will be played on Sunday 17 March.

Indivdidual results from the matches played yesterday were:

1Ed Player214½ . ½
2Alan Merry2141 . 1
3Shaun Munson206½ . 1
4David Spence206½ . 1
5Graham Moore1861 . 0
6Ted Matthewson182½ . ½
7Mike Cook190½ . ½
8Rob Sanders177½ . ½
9Phil Hopkins1770 . ½
10Steve Gregory174½ . ½
11Ian Wallis1740 . 1
12Richard Lamont171½ . 0
13Steve Ruthen169½ . ½
14John Feavyour1680 . 0
15Phil Hutchings160½ . 1
16Michael Clapham158½ . 1

Alan Merry's first game, as Black, against Steve Ledger, had a nice finish.   This was the position after Black's 41st move (Re8).   White is a pawn ahead, but Black's pair of bishops, especially the raking dark-squared bishop, more than compensate:

In fact, White is unable to hold on to his e-pawn, and his position soon collapses:

42.  Re1   Bc3
43.  Rh1   Rxe4
44.  Rxh6+   Kg7
45.  Rxd6   Bxf5
46.  Nh5+   Kf8 (the only move)
47.  Ng3   Re1#

There will be a full report on the Under 160s tomorrow.

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