Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ladies' latest

Three rounds of the Suffolk Ladies' Championship have now been completed.

The following table includes byes, as each entrant receives one bye during the tournament.   It also includes one match already played in Round 4:

Vicky Allen1123100
Emilia Jewell13220013
Adèle Lunn1052100
Anita Somton5910112
Alba Saenz de Villaverde7610201
Bethany Younge2500311
Liya Babye2500300

The pairings for Round 4 are:

Emilia v Adèle
Bethany v Vicky (already played   0 - 1)
Alba v Anita
Liya - (Bye)

The remaining matches are due to be played by 10 March.

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