Saturday, 25 May 2013

Under 160s

Yesterday's posting reported the narrow loss for the Suffolk Under 160 team in the National Quarter-Finals to Nottinghamshire.   This followed three pairs of matches in the EACU competition, against Norfolk (win, win), Hertfordshire (loss, win) and Cambridgeshire (win, loss).   Suffolk were runners-up to Cambridgeshire, with Herts third and Norfolk last.

A total of 28 players were used over the seven matches.   Several performed well above expectation, as the following chart demonstrates:

Adrian Sanderson1/1*186.0
Stephen Lewis1½/2180.0
John Peters3½/4175.3
Ed Kirkham4½/6*167.0
Sam Brennan3/5165.6
Silas Peck3½/5165.0
Andrew Shephard4½/7162.3
John McAllister2/3160.7
Leon Burnett1½/3159.0
Bob Jones3½/6158.7
John Lambert2/3158.3
Mark Bettley3/4157.3
Kevin Greenacre2½/5155.6
Harold Thomas1/2146.0
Scott Taylor3½/7145.7
Keith Woodcock2/3145.0
Rob Harden3½/7144.3
Carl Phillips2½/5139.4
Les Jones1½/4137.0
Simon Riley2/5132.8
Anna York-Andersen½/2132.0
Jakob Tulic1½/4130.5
Vivian Woodward1/4125.3
Arthur McCormick½/2115.0
Jim Buis0/1110.0
Melvin Steele½/2103.5
Colin Roberts1/7102.1
Andrew Donnelly0/1101.0
* = also received a default win
Gp = grading performance

The Player of the Season is Ed Kirkham, who scored 4½/6 over the board but also received a default win when his opponent failed to appear.   Five people played in all seven matches.

Cambridgeshire also lost their quarter-final, 7½-8½, to Warwickshire.


It's often amusing to see how journalists, usually with little understanding of the game, use chess as a metaphor.   Here's one from the Evening Standard (16 May).   The journalist was Dan Jones.

The headline read: "Wayne Rooney's been playing chess with Manchester United and it's nearly checkmate".   The article included this reference: "In his chess game with United, this is check, with a view, in not so many moves, to checkmate."   Stick to football Dan.

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