Saturday, 1 June 2013

15-year old wins the Suffolk Ladies' Championship

Emilia Jewell, just 15, is the new Suffolk Ladies' Champion, having been unbeaten throughout her six matches.   Five of the entrants were juniors, with the youngest, Anita Somton, only eight years old at the start of the tournament.   The final match saw Anita beat Adele Lunn, thus depriving Adele of a share of the title.   This is the final table:

Emilia Jewell1324205
Vicky Allen112411
Adèle Lunn1053214
Anita Somton59312
Alba Saenz de Villaver.763033
Bethany Younge251051
Liya Babye250060

The highest-graded player in the seven-player event, Emilia won four games and drew two (against Adele and Anita).   One important win was against former Suffolk Ladies' Champion Vicky Allen.   This was the position at move 31 with Vicky (Black) to move:

31.... Rc2? (If Vicky had played ... Nf4, the game would be level.)
32. Ne4    Rh6
33. Rxe6!   It's all over after this move.   Rxh5   (If ... Rxe6, then Ng5+)
34. Rd6    Rc4
35. Rd1    d3
36. f3    Rf5
37. R6xd3    Rc2
38. Rd5    Rxf3?
39. Ng5+    1 - 0

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