Monday, 8 July 2013

Ipswich regain the Norfolk & Suffolk Cup

Report by Ian Wallis

As temperatures soured to record highs for the year, Ipswich and Norfolk & Norwich met at the Ipswich club yesterday to contest this annual event.

In a very evenly matched contest, the match was drawn 3-3 but Ipswich won on board count:

1.   Shaun Munson (206)   1-0   Stephen Orton (199)
2.   Mike Cook (190)   0-1   Gordon Scott (197)
3.   Stephen Gregory (174)   1-0   William Boulton (182)
4.   Tim Lunn (176)   ½-½   Ben Collinson (174)
5.   Ian Wallis (173)   ½-½   Gabriel Barr (176)
6.   Silas Peck (154)   0-1   Philip Bartram (161)

An early start to the match of 12.30 at least meant that it finished in time for everyone to escape and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine and for those that were lucky enough, to get to watch the final stages of a memorable day at Wimbledon too!

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  1. Cheers Ian.
    Well done team! Very tight match. Hard work on a hot day.


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