Thursday, 12 December 2013

Half-season round-up (Part 1)

Over the next week or so, as the various divisions complete their half-cycle, we'll be reporting on their progress.   There are six divisions - three in each of the Suffolk League and Bury Area League.

The first to complete is the Bury Area Chess League Division 1.

This is the league table:

Linton A624
Cambridge Examiners622½
Bury St Eds Scorpions614½
Bury St Eds Cobras613½
Cambridge Choristers610
Bury St Eds Scarabs610
Ely Beet Bishops6

Current Champions Linton A have an extremely strong team.   They usually have Paul Kemp (189) on Board 4.   And if they need a reserve, they can always call on Norman Hutchinson (175).   But as can be seen from the table above, they are not exactly running away with it.   Cambridge Examiners are close behind.   These two teams meet again early in the New Year in a match that may well decide the fate of Division 1.

Individually, the leading scorers come from these two teams.   Leading the way is 15-year old Akito Oyama (Examiners) on 5½/6, followed by David Coleman 5/6 and Kevin Clark 4/5 (both Linton), and 14-year old David Redman (Examiners) on 4½/6.   The Examiners team, captained by Master Redman, is a good example of the stream of strong juniors emanating from the Cambridge stable.   With Ashley Stewart and Chris Davison now in their early 20s, the reins have been taken up by Akito and David.   Waiting in the background are the next generation: 12-year old James Xu (157) and Austin See (111).

Click here to view further information on the BACL Division 1.


  1. I know David is very good (and obviously much better than me), but I didn't think he was "Master Redman" just yet!


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