Monday, 27 January 2014

January grades

The new ECF grades have been published this morning.

Here's the full list of standard-play grades for currently active players who are either members of clubs affiliated to the Suffolk County Chess Association, or who live in the county with no current club.   Juniors are shown by (J):

NameClubNew gradeOld grade
Adam HuntWoodbridge School233232
Justin Tan (J)Woodbridge School227229
Alan Merry (J)Bury St Edmunds223227
Dagne CiuksyteSuffolk CCA219222
David SpenceBury St Edmunds206206
Shaun MunsonIpswich205204
Mike HarrisBury St Edmunds203209
Adam Taylor (J)Manningtree201190
Ed PlayerIpswich200205
Graham MooreSuffolk CCA192190
Steve GregoryIpswich/Bury St Edmunds189190
Mark Le-VineBury St Edmunds188188
Tim LunnIpswich/Bury St Edmunds184181
Ted MatthewsonIpswich183183
Steve RuthenBury St Edmunds180176
Mike CookIpswich176181
Chris DavisonBury St Edmunds176182
Martin FoggIpswich176174
Rob SandersSudbury176171
John PetersBury St Edmunds175169
Nick SavageIpswich175174
Rob McCorryBury St Edmunds174179
Luke HillIpswich173170
Somton UkkenBury St Edmunds172176
David BrownSaxmundham/Bury St Edmunds171175
Silas Peck (J)Ipswich171162
Ian WallisIpswich/Bury St Edmunds171178
Robert CopeBury St Edmunds167166
Phil HopkinsFelixstowe167171
Michael ClaphamIpswich/Bury St Edmunds161159
Malcolm LightfootSaxmundham161163
John FeavyourSaxmundham/Bury St Edmunds160151
Phil HutchingsManningtree160153
Mike TaylorBury St Edmunds160163e
Sam BrennanIpswich158158
Leon BurnettManningtree158154e
Richard LamontBury St Edmunds158171
Andrew ShephardIpswich/Bury St Edmunds155157
Andrew SalmonClacton154153
Pete SmythAdastral Park154156
Anna York-AndersenSuffolk CCA153153
Andrew DonnellyBury St Edmunds151148
John McAllisterManningtree/Adastral Park151146
Kevin GreenacreIpswich150157
Adam HarveyBury St Edmunds150145
Bob JonesBury St Edmunds150157
Jon CollinsBury St Edmunds149154
Stephen PrideBury St Edmunds149150
Bob StephensClacton/Manningtree149146
Jim BuisManningtree148150
Simon RileyAdastral Park147149
Vivian WoodwardSudbury146147
Ed KirkhamAdastral Park145138
Stephen LewisStowmarket145143
Rob KellyManningtree144145
Harold ThomasSudbury144146
Roger HoltBury St Edmunds142140
Nikolay LastochkinSuffolk CCA142140
Martin TomesIpswich141142e
Laurie PottBury St Edmunds140151
Mike McNaughtonStowmarket139144
John LambertClacton138140
Carl PhillipsManningtree137137
Keith WoodcockIpswich137134
Kenn ButcherSudbury136143
Dave PearceClacton136132
Laureano Garcia-MunozBury St Edmunds135142e
David GreenStowmarket135122
Les JonesIpswich134150
William Sait (J)Bury St Edmunds132126e
Colin RobertsBury St Edmunds131134
Scott TaylorBury St Edmunds131147
Mark WeidmanAdastral Park131130
Martin AlvinClacton128132
Mark BettleyStowmarket128129
Mike CoughtreyClacton128115
Arthur McCormickSaxmundham128128
Dick MyhillBury St Edmunds127129
Daniel Such (J)Woodbridge School127125
Jakob TulicSudbury127132
Dave WelshClacton127122
Steve LovellBury St Edmunds126127
Emilia Jewell (J)Bury St Edmunds125124
Gary HemsworthFelixstowe124122
John SkelleySaxmundham124115
Peter KefflerClacton123123
Anita Somton (J)Bury St Edmunds123109
Rob HayhurstStowmarket122120e
John BarrattStowmarket121126
Paul HarrisonBury St Edmunds121121
Alonso PaezIpswich121117
Melvin SteeleClacton120126
Adrian SandersonManningtree119118
Roger SmithIpswich116106
Mike SpaldingIpswich116115e
Ken LunnIpswich115120
Chas SzentmihalyBury St Edmunds115112
Vicky AllenStowmarket114109
Rory GoldsmithSuffolk CCA114114
Adele LunnFelixstowe110110
Andrew ToddClacton110112
Zac VaneBury St Edmunds109108
Dave WildAdastral Park/Felixstowe109111
John PlayerStowmarket107106e
Franceys AllenStowmarket106106
Phil MortonsonIpswich106101
Alex Sheerin (J)Ipswich106121
Peter MasseyBury St Edmunds105109
John PriceManningtree104106
David RobertsonFelixstowe10397
Hugo SmithBury St Edmunds103100
Philip ChapmanSudbury10198e
Artem Emelyanov (J)Woodbridge School101101
Peter CollicottSaxmundham100102
George Horan (J)Bury St Edmunds100100
Andrew PaigeSaxmundham99107
Peter ChadwickSaxmundham9798
Sean Colliety (J)Bury St Edmunds9796
Adam WilsonIpswich9698
John BartyFelixstowe9596
Greg EllisBury St Edmunds9595
Hugo BrownSaxmundham9395
Sean HoranBury St Edmunds9399
Gareth YoungStowmarket93100
Alan CrossSaxmundham9097
Yvonne Freiherr-FentonBury St Edmunds9098e
Daniel YarntonStowmarket9082
Dave ClarkBury St Edmunds8797
Hugo Kelleway (J)Woodbridge School8791
Nigel LakeClacton8799
Steve PeckIpswich8585e
Hugh Tawell (J)Woodbridge School8584
Patrick Gembis (J)Bury St Edmunds8364
Emile KosvinerBury St Edmunds8379
Alba Saenz de Villaverde (J)Bury St Edmunds8383
Steve MossIpswich8282
Arkaidy Stepanyan (J)Woodbridge School8178
Harry Elman (J)Woodbridge School7885e
Sid MacDonaldSudbury7875
Nick AtkinBury St Edmunds7573
Jan LengyelBury St Edmunds7377
Alan StoryClacton6963
Derek WootleyBury St Edmunds6660e
Martin ScallonFelixstowe6371
Ray FirmanStowmarket6156
Gordon FisherFelixstowe5656
Alan John (J)Bury St Edmunds5244e
Sohan Gowda (J)Stowmarket4826e
Bethany Young (J)Stowmarket4240e
Liya Baby (J)Bury Knights3231
David WoodBury St Edmunds2119


  1. Hi Bob,

    I just want to point out that my new grade is 176, not 172.

    Chris D

    1. Whoops! Corrected now - sorry.

    2. Hi Bob,
      No January Grade for Dominic Carter of Saxmundham. Not your fault as he is not on the ECF database despite being a bronze member. ECF website is firmly in overload condition this evening.
      Found this while researching to support my amendments about retrospective grade changes on the results website.
      Against the rules you know! Stupid rule Good website.

      Nosey from Haughley

    3. Being an ECF member doesn't in itself qualify you to be on the grading database. Dominic played eight games up to the end of December, and needed nine to get his first grade. He has since played one more and the average of the 9 games is 144, which I suggest should be his new estimated grade for the remainder of this season.

  2. John Price B24834 257342J
    I object to one of my opponents being given an estimated grade of "0" thereby reducing my grade. This is the third time this has happened in the last ten years and it just does not get corrected.

    Your frustrated

    1. John - email me at bobjoneschess (at) btinternet,com and I'll explain all.


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