Friday, 28 March 2014

Justin's 4NCL game

On Monday we reported on the weekend's 4NCL results, mentioning Justin Tan's draw against GM Robin von Kampen (2603).

As Kai Tan (Justin's father) commented, Justin (White) missed a tactic that would probably have given him a win!

This was the position after Black's 29th move:

Here, Justin played 30. Rxd7? and the game ended soon after when Justin was forced to give perpetual check.   He should have played 30. Qh8+   Kf7   31. Qh5!   Justin's own annotations continue 31... Be8   32. Rg1   Kg8   33. Rxg6   Rxd2   34. Nxd2   Bf8   35. Rxg7+ and White will be a piece up.

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