Monday, 20 October 2014

Anita latest

Anita won her second game today and will be on Board 2 tomorrow, playing the fifth seed.   Her game will be on the live boards, from 12.00 UK time.

The photo above shows Anita being coached before today's game by IM Lorin d'Costa.


  1. swaying back and forth between win and not win; after 42...Ndl? Anita should end up with 3/3.

  2. Well if that's the fifth seed Anita should have nothing to fear in this company. Having outplayed her higher rated opponent she lets her off with a draw in the final position. Can't tell from the website but guess this must have been a time trouble decision.
    Good luck in the next rounds, keep up this form and you'll be amongst the prizes in the end!

  3. curious coincidence - Chief Arbiter Takis Nikolopoulos was showing me round the venue after R6 got under way and, as we left the side room in which most of the u10 girls were playing, we were followed out by Anita.


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