Monday, 13 October 2014

Puzzle time #3

After all the excitement in the Isle of Man over the past few days, here's a straightforward puzzle.   K+Q v K+Q is usually a draw, but not in this case.   So how does White (to play) win?


  1. Looks like 1. Qc5+ is a good start...

  2. OK, now finish it off Ian before I publish the answer soon!

  3. Just noticed this was yesterdays posting, so as you've all had a good chance to answer, the rest of the solution...
    1. ... Kb2, (any other allows mate in one) 2. Qb4+, Ka2 (2. ... Kc1 3. Qd2+ Kb1, 4. Qc2#) 3. Kc2! mates.


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