Wednesday, 17 December 2014

FIDE ratings

The December FIDE rating list contains 33 Suffolk-based players (who qualify to play for Suffolk) with current standard-play ratings.

A number of other players have not played enough games to qualify for a rating (nine games against rated players are needed).

1Adam Hunt2437
2Justin Tan2366
3Alan Merry2347
4Dagne Ciuksyte2340
5Andrew Lewis2226
6Ed Player2240
7Mike Harris2234
8David Spence2231
9Shaun Munson2167
10Mark Gray2091
11Tim Lunn2057
=12Steve Gregory2056
=12Adam Taylor2056
14Steve Ruthen2053
15John Feavyour2029
16Paul Botham2016
17Ian Wallis2009
18Nick Savage2007
19John Peters2000
20Mike Cook1997
21Phil Hopkins1988
22Michael Clapham1923
23Luke Hill1921
24Somton Ukken1915
25Martin Fogg1906
26Richard Lamont1893
27Malcolm Lightfoot1867
28Silas Peck1862
29Bob Jones1844
30Vivian Woodward1703
31Keith Woodcock1668
32Alex Sheerin1622
33Anita Somton1464

For some reason, David Brown doesn't appear on the latest FIDE list, but it's believed that his rating is 1961, which would put him in 22nd place.

Other Suffolk players who have not yet played enough games for a rating are (number of games played in brackets):

Andrew Shephard (7)
Jon Collins (5)
Laurie Pott (5)
Simon Riley (5)
Ted Matthewson (4)
Graham Moore (4)
Colin Roberts (4)
Steve Lovell (3)
Dominic Carter (2)
Peter Collicott (2)
Mark Weidman (2)
Sam Brennan (1)
Leon Burnett (1)

Please let me know if there are any omissions or errors!

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