Thursday, 18 December 2014

Half-time update

All three divisions of the Suffolk League have completed their scheduled fixtures for the first half of the season.   If nothing else that's a tribute to the team captains as well as to the Competitions Secretary, David Green, who has kept his finger firmly on the pulse.

Each division has seven teams, so each team has so far played six matches.   Here are the current league tables:

Division 1

Ipswich A641116½
Ipswich C650116
Manningtree A632115
Ipswich B622212
Bury St Edmunds C620410
Bury St Edmunds B6123
Bury St Edmunds A60155

So, the three Bury St Edmunds' teams are propping up the table.   It seems almost certain that one of these will be relegated at the end of the season.   Last year's Champions, Manningtree A, are hot on the heels of two Ipswich teams, with only 1½ points separating the top three places.

Division 2

Saxmundham A650117
Ipswich D631213½
Adastral Park623112
Stowmarket A6204
Bury St Edmunds D60156

Saxmundham A have a clear lead at the top, whilst at the other end of the table, Stowmarket A and Bury St Edmunds D appear to be fighting to avoid relegation.

Division 3

Manningtree B650117
Ipswich F631213½
Stowmarket Rooks 621312
Ipswich E631211½
Saxmundham B613211
Bury St Edmunds E6024

Manningtree B are emulating their A team and head the division by 3½ points.   At least Bury St Edmunds E can't be relegated!

Players of the Season

The leaders in each division are:

Division 1:   Steve Gregory (5½/6)
Division 2:   Malcolm Lightfoot (5½/6)
Division 3:   Phil Hopkins (6/6); Carl Phillips (5½/6); Andrew Molloy (5½/6)


  1. One assumes the new rules are working well. I noticed David only had to issue one penalty over a non reporting issue. Furthermore despite all the hot air over defaults there were actually only three (all Bury) so presumably no cars broke down, trains were late or babies needed sitting at the last moment. Davaid Wild has maintained a record of main teams etc, wonder how this will unfold in the secondhalf of the season.

    1. Hello John,

      There was also one default for Ipswich when the ony available player was ineligible. Ipswich defaulted just one board and played that as a "friendly" and the result was puit forward for grading. The Ipswich player lost so no extra notes were needed and there was no infringement.

      I am also curious as to how the substitution rules will work out when more nominated playuers reach their substitution limits.So far just two players have reached their seasons tally of 6 substitutions.I await the January renominations with interest..

      David Green


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