Friday, 3 April 2015

Divisions 1 and 3 completed

Last night's matches at Bury St Edmunds saw two of the three divisions complete their schedule.   Only Division 2 is still to finish, with more matches scheduled for 14 and 21 April.

After Ipswich A's 3 - 1 win yesterday, the final Division 1 table looks like this:

Division 1

Ipswich C1291231½
Ipswich A1281330½
Manningtree A1263327½
Ipswich B1243525
Bury St Edmunds B1244421½
Bury St Edmunds C1230916½
Bury St Edmunds A1212913½

So Ipswich A just failed to equal the total points achieved by Ipswich C, although having won fewer matches, they would still have been runners-up even if they had won 4 - 0.

The three Bury St Edmunds teams prop up the table, with the 'A' team surprisingly relegated.

The Player of the Year is Manningtree's Adam Taylor.   Although unavailable to play in the final four matches, he scored 7 out of 8 (six wins and two draws) for 87.5%.   Runner-up, with 9½/12 (79.2%) is Steve Gregory (Ipswich A).   Others over 70% include Ted Matthewson (Ipswich C) - 72.7%; Andrew Lewis (Manningtree A) - 72.2%; Mike Cook (Ipswich C) - 70.8%; and Michael Clapham (Ipswich A) - 70.8%.

Division 3 will feature tomorrow.

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