Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Relegation battle in the Bury League

Two Bury St Edmunds teams are fighting to stay in Division 1 of the Bury Area Chess League.

With just one match each to play, there's one point between the bottom three teams: Bury Scarabs (18½ points), Ely Beet Bishops (18) and Bury Cobras (17½).

Scarabs play their final match tomorrow, when they have to play the League Champions, Cambridge Examiners.   If they can score 1½ points, they will survive relegation.

Then the following Thursday, Cobras entertain Ely in what is likely to be the 'crunch' match.   Cobras need to win to guarantee their survival, whilst a poor Scarabs result tomorrow and, say, a draw between Cobras and Ely, could mean that Scarabs would be relegated.   It's all too close for comfort!

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  1. With last nights result, the situation becomes a little clearer. Given all possible results (5-0 through to 0-5), the only results that would invoke a tie break is a drawn match or 1.5 - 3.5 loss by Ely. This will then bring Bury Scarabs into the equation.
    If I have interpreted the tie break rules correctly, a drawn match will relegate Bury Cobras, whilst perversely a 1.5 loss by Ely will relegate Bury Scarabs!
    Almost a winner takes all, don't know if this will help the nerves or not !?


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