Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Suffolk Cup and Plate results

Starting the summary of the past season, the first item is the Cup & Plate competition.

14 of the possible 24 teams entered.   After the initial (seeded) round, the seven winning teams progressed to the Cup, with the losing teams playing in the Plate.

The Cup teams were:
Sudbury, Manningtree A, Bury St Edmunds C, Saxmundham A, Bury St Edmunds A, Ipswich F and Ipswich D.

Ipswich D were given a bye and, unfortunately, all the other three matches were won by default.   In the semi-finals, Bury St Edmunds C beat Sudbury, whilst Manningtree A beat Ipswich D.

The Final was held in Bury on 20 June.   The only decisive game was on top board, when Bury St Edmunds' Ed Player beat Manningtree's Adam Taylor to give Bury C the Cup.

Meanwhile, in the Plate competition, Woodbridge received the bye.   Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds B and D all progressed to the semi-finals.   Felixstowe and Bury St Edmunds B won their respective semis.

The Final was held in Felixstowe on 15 May, with Felixstowe convincingly beating Bury St Edmunds B 3½ - ½.

All Clubs are asked to submit their entries for the new season's competition.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

First glance at the new grades

The new ECF grades were published this afternoon.   Here is a quick look at some of the 'movers'.

Alex Sheerin retains his place as Suffolk's top junior, with a 13-point improvement to 177.   Second-placed junior is Jaden Jermy, who moves from 158 to 164.   Another substantial improvement was recorded by Amy John, with a 16-point increase to 98.

Among the adults, Manningtree's Adam Taylor improves dramatically from 209 to 225, whilst Bury's John Peters moves from 187 to 194.

Whilst Jon Collins (165) and Jaden Jermy will be lost to the Under 160s next season, Phil Hutchings (158) and Andrew Shephard (155) drop back in.

Amongst the top English players, Alan Merry (242) is in 20th place, with Adam Hunt (226) in 54th, Adam Taylor 56th, Mike Harris (220) 73rd, and Dagne Ciuksyte (216) 88th.

More stats later!

Monday, 23 July 2018

Not long now!

It's nearly time for the British Championships (they start on Friday), which means that the new grades will be published soon.   In fact, the Director of Grading is predicting they will be ready tomorrow (Tuesday).

Over the next few days there will be a number of posts that will enable readers to catch up on events over the summer.   These include an end-of-season round-up, decisions from the AGM, the Norfolk & Suffolk Cup result (Suffolk section), and Cup & Plate winners.

We are also trying to encourage more players to act as coaches for the promising juniors.

So, first, it should be the new grades.   These will assist club secretaries, who need to let the Competitions Secretary know by the end of the month (preferably earlier) of their team entries for the coming season.

If you haven't done so already, make sure you see every new posting on this website by adding your email address and clicking 'submit' (at bottom right of the page).