Bob Jones v Patrick Ribbands, 17/1/2013:

At the 4NCL (Division 3) matches last weekend, Anglian Avengers' Ian Wallis had the White pieces against David Onley (188). Here Ian provides detailed annotations to his win:
Last Sunday (6 January), the Suffolk Under 160 team beat both Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. The following game, between Cambs' Alan Norman (150) and Andrew Shephard (145), is full of elementary errors by White. But Andrew capitalised on these mistakes and won in double-quick time:
This is Bob Jones' win against 155-graded Kai Jaeger (Hertfordshire) in the EACU Under 160s on 2 December:
Ted Matthewson (184) won both his games in the recent EACU matches against Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. His first game was against Cambridge University's Audrey Kueh, graded 188. Audrey lost on time, a pawn down.

His second game was against Norfolk's 19-year old Gabriel Barr, graded 177:

Congratulations on two fine wins!

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  1. I could see the Alan Norman vs Andrew Shephard match on my right during my match. I was very confused by white, after playing a3 you simply cannot go through with the Na4 c3 plan. Then after Nxa1 I thought that the only way white can keep himself in the game is by making an escape square for his knight on a4, but upon further analysis this is impossible; b3 and b4 are met with b5 Nb2 Bxc3+ and c4 is met with Bd4, then if Bd2 then Bxg1 Rxg1 Nd4 or if Bf2 then Qa5+ and white cannot take a1 without black taking a4.


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