Friday, 19 September 2014

Ipswich gain bragging rights

There was a full house at the Bury St Edmunds club last evening, with four teams from Ipswich Chess Club playing against teams from the host club.

All four matches went the way of Ipswich, although their teams were considerably higher-graded than Bury's.   The results were (average board grade in brackets):

In Division 1:
Bury St Edmunds A (157)   1½ - 2½   Ipswich B (159)
Bury St Edmunds B (164)   1½ - 2½   Ipswich A (183)
Bury St Edmunds C (161)    1 - 3    Ipswich C (174)

In Division 3:
Bury St Edmunds E (62)   ½ - 3½   Ipswich F (118)

Two individual results stand out: Stephen Pride (Bury B) 147 beat Nick Savage 184; and Fraser Fallows (Bury E) 61 drew with Mike Spalding 116.

This position occurred on Board 3 in the Division 1 match between the two 'C' teams.   Silas Peck (White) to play.   See if you can find the single move that forced Jon Collins (Black) to resign on the spot.

We'll give the answer tomorrow.

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  1. Qc5+

    If dxc5 Nxa7#
    If Kb8 Qxa7+ Kc8 Qa8#

    Chris D


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