Thursday, 12 November 2015

4NCL this weekend

Four Suffolk-based teams will be travelling west this weekend to play in the first rounds of the 4NCL.   The venues are the Holiday Inn, Birmingham (Divisions 1 and 2) and the Park Inn, Telford (Divisions 3S and 4S).

Anglian Avengers 1 play in Division 2, whilst Anglian Avengers 2 are in Division 3S.   The two Iceni teams play in the new Division 4S.

The first round (Saturday) pairings are as follows (start 14.00):

AA1   -   The ADs
AA2   -   Shropshire 1
Iceni 1   -   Throw in the Tal 1
Iceni 2   -   BCM Hippos / Oxford 3 (triangular match)

The opponents for Sunday are already known for the Division 2 and 3S teams (start 11.00):

AA1   -   N.E. England
AA2   -   Midland Monarchs 1

The results will be published here on Sunday evening.

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