Friday, 11 December 2015

Division 1 half-time round-up

There are no more Division 1 matches scheduled before the New Year, so now is a good time to review progress up to now.

This is the current table:

Ipswich C642014
Bury St Edmunds C631213
Manningtree A522112½
Ipswich A613211½
Bury St Edmunds B604211
Ipswich B612310½
Saxmundham A5122

No team is 'running away' with the division.   In fact, all seven teams are still 'in the hunt'.   Manningtree A will be playing their outstanding match against Saxmundham A on 20 January, a result which could see them overtake the current leaders, Ipswich C.   This match could also see newly-promoted Saxmundham A pull clear of the relegation zone.

Andy Lewis (Manningtree A) is leading the Player of the Year competition, having dropped only half a point from his four games.   He is closely followed by Jon Collins (Bury St Edmunds), who has scored three points from four games.

Only four juniors have played in Division 1.   Silas Peck has played in every game, scoring four points out of six.   Adam Taylor (Manningtree) has scored one point from two games.   The two John brothers from Bury St Edmunds both played in their first Division 1 match this week.   12-year old Alan lost to Andrew Shephard, but 9-year old Adam beat the experienced Les Jones.   This is Adam's best-ever win against an adult.

A total of 43 people have played in Division 1 so far this season.   Ipswich, with three teams, have used only 14 players.   Bury St Edmunds, with two teams, have utilised 16 players.   Clearly the two clubs have differing demographics; Bury players are often absent due to demanding work commitments.


  1. Yes, we are very fortunate in Ipswich that we don't have demanding work committments!!!

  2. Yep, I'm never out of bed before midday, only get up to go to the pub before the chess


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