Thursday, 7 April 2016

Peter Keffler's books

Peter Keffler, who died aged 92 last December, left a huge quantity of chess books, mostly brand new.   Many chessplayers will remember his well-stocked bookstall that featured for many years at local congresses (including the British Championships when they were held at Great Yarmouth in 2007).   In due course I will be selling these on his family's behalf, using my Amazon website.   I will also be willing to sell books privately to local players (thus avoiding commission and possibly postage), so let me know if there is any book that you would like, at a considerably reduced price.   I can provide a stocklist on demand.

He also had a substantial private collection of at least 500 books - see photo above.   The family is prepared to consider offers for the whole collection.   Unfortunately these books have not been catalogued yet.   Please contact me if you are interested.

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