Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cup & Plate initial round completed

The last two matches in the Initial Round of the Suffolk Cup & Plate competition took place this evening.   Six teams will now progress to the first round proper of the Cup, whilst the other six teams will compete in the Plate.

The match between the two Bury teams, A and E, was extremely close and was only decided on tie-break.   The E team is 'all-Juniors'.   There were wins on boards 2 and 4 for Alan John (126) against Laurie Pott (150) and for Ralph Martin (84) against William Moody (107).   However, the A team's wins on Boards 1 and 3 decided the match.

These will be the teams in each section:


Bury St Edmunds A
Ipswich B
Ipswich D
Manningtree A
Saxmundham A


Bury St Edmunds D
Bury St Edmunds E
Felixstowe A
Felixstowe B
Ipswich F
Manningtree B

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  1. Ipswich C will also be in the 1st Round of the Cup. They had a bye in the Preliminary Round.
    Rob Sanders


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