Tuesday, 26 February 2013

4NCL Round-up

A total of 28 Suffolk players have been involved so far in 4NCL matches this season.   Last weekend the League held its third weekend (out of five) and things are looking good for one of the local teams, Anglian Avengers 2.   They are the only team in Division 3 (South) to have won all six matches to date.   But there are still five matches to be played, so no chickens can be counted quite yet.

If you want to look up the performances to date of your favourite team, you can do so on the 4NCL website.   As the site is a little difficult to navigate, here are some quick links:

Click here for Anglian Avengers 1 (Division 2)

Click here for Anglian Avengers 2 (Division 3 South)

Click here for Anglian Avengers 3 (Division 3 South)

Click here for Iceni (Division 3 South)

You can then view individual results by clicking on any of the scores.

The 4NCL deals solely in FIDE ratings, but the results are still graded by the ECF.   These are the individual grading records of the 28 Suffolk players who have participated so far this season.   In some cases estimated grades have had to be used, so these figures may not be totally accurate.   These data do not feature on Dave Wild's grading site, so if calculating your new grade, you will need to add these grading points to your total:

NameGradeTeamDivisionScoreGrading pointsAverage
Dagne Ciuksyte227Guildford 211/2452226
Adam Hunt226Blackthorne Russia1½/2404202
Anna York-Andersen155Sambuca Sharks10/2285143
Alan Merry214Anglian Avengers 121½/4797199
Ed Player214Anglian Avengers 123/4934234
Shaun Munson206Anglian Avengers 122/61007168
David Spence206Anglian Avengers 121/2394197
Mark Gray189Anglian Avengers 123½/61091182
Adam Taylor187Anglian Avengers 123½/4913228
Steve Gregory174Anglian Avengers 1 & 22 & 35/61226204
Mike Cook190Anglian Avengers 233½/61051175
Nick Savage178Iceni31/1228228
Phil Hopkins177Anglian Avengers 232½/4730183
Tim Lunn176Anglian Avengers 232½/4726182
Ian Wallis174Anglian Avengers 2 & 334½/61211202
Richard Lamont171Anglian Avengers 2 & 334½/61102184
Steve Ruthen169Iceni32½/3619206
John Feavyour168Iceni33/6985164
Luke Hill166Anglian Avengers 33½/2293147
Martin Fogg164Anglian Avengers 333½/61025171
Paul Botham158Iceni31½/2326163
Laurie Pott157Iceni3½/4503126
Silas Peck154Anglian Avengers 332/4619155
Bob Jones153Iceni31½/2328164
Colin Roberts141Iceni32½/4587147
Keith Woodcock137Anglian Avengers 332½/5722144
Steve Pecke110Anglian Avengers 330/19696
Isaac Pecke90Anglian Avengers 330/16767

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