Sunday, 20 March 2016

4NCL weekend 4

A total of 17 Suffolk players were in 4NCL action over the weekend, at Wakefield (Divisions 1 and 2) and Telford (Divisions 3 and 4).

In Division 1, the three Suffolk players performed very well, each scoring 1½/2, including draws against Grandmasters.   IM Dagne Ciuksyte (2328) drew with GM Mark Hebden; FM Alan Merry (2367) drew with GM Matthew Turner; and IM Justin Tan (2441) drew with GM Jonathan Speelman - see photo below.

In Division 2, Anglian Avengers 1 drew 4 - 4 on Saturday, but lost 3 - 5 today.   Andy Lewis drew both his games, whilst Steve Gregory won one and lost one.

In Division 3, Anglian Avengers 2 drew 3 - 3 on Saturday, but won convincingly by 5 - 1 today.   All five Suffolk players were unbeaten, with Silas Peck winning both games.

In Division 4, Iceni 1 won 4½-1½ yesterday, but could only draw 3 - 3 today.   They now stand in third place in this division and are hoping to achieve promotion to Division 3 for next season.   Captain John Feavyour had an excellent weekend, winning both games, whilst John Peters was unbeaten on top board.   Iceni 2 had a difficult weekend, losing both matches.   Saxmundham's Mike Usher, playing in the 4NCL for the first time, was unbeaten on 1½ points.

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