Monday, 28 March 2016

Southend results

The Southend Easter Congress, held at the Adult Education College (right), ended today.

On 4½/6, Alan Merry lost to GM Simon Williams in the final round today and finished the event in 8th place.   Alan still needs another 34 rating points to claim the International Master title.   Andy Lewis also lost today; his 4½ points earned him 12th place, but he lost 12 rating points in the process, taking his 'live' rating to 2276.

David Spence, seeded 17th, finished in 10th place, also on 4½ points and a gain of 17 rating points.   David has improved his rating by over 70 points in the past month.

Ed Player faded after a splendid start to finish on 3½ points, losing the last two rounds to lower-rated opponents.   Steve Gregory also finished on 3½ points (50%).

If any of the Suffolk players had an interesting game or position, please send it to me!


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