Saturday, 7 January 2017

Christmas Quiz answers

Six entries were received for the puzzles.   Four were from local active players, one from a London player and the other from a former player (who now focuses on Bridge!).   They are (in alphabetical order):

Chris Chambers
Kevin Greenacre
Steve Lovell
Bill Mackintosh
Richard Saunders (London)
Andrew Shephard


Part 1
1   ,,,Ke4, e8(B)   d5, Bg6#
2   ...Kc6, e8(R)   d5, Re6#

Part 2
1   Bc3.   If ...e2, then Bd2#.   If gxh2, then either Bxe5#
2   Bxg4+   Kxg4,   Bxe2+   If Kf5 then Be6#.   If Kh3 then Be6#
There is an alternative answer to this puzzle (which the setter did not see).   Two people found this:   Bxg2+   Kxg2, Bxe2   If ...Kh1 then Bxe4#.   If ...Kh3 then Bf1#

Part 3
1a)   h1
1b)   a8
1c)   g7 (or b2)
2.   White retracts the move fxg8(N), capturing a bishop.   Instead plays f8(N)#
3a)   Black retracts K(f7)xg6
3b)   Replace a White knight on g6
3c)   Black plays Bxf6+
3d)   White plays Ne5#

Two entrants had perfect sets of solutions: Andrew Shephard and Richard Saunders.   Both will receive a new chess book.

Both Chris and Kevin omitted to mention that in 2-2, either bishop can mate by taking on e5.   Kevin made a typo in his answer to 1-1.   Sorry, but I had to be tough!

Steve's answers were basically correct, but he made three typos.   Bill didn't manage to complete all his answers.

Normal daily blogs will re-commence on Tuesday, as I'm away for the next two days.

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  1. Aghh, typos! Nevermind, I enjoyed working on these especially the helpmates and retro puzzles. Thanks for setting these puzzles, Bob.

    Well done Andrew and Richard.


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