Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The dangers of pawn grabbing

The following position was reached yesterday (White, Franceys Allen, to play) against David Green in the third round of the Stowmarket Club Championship:

Franceys, who was short on time with about four minutes remaining, played Qxh7??

I'm sure you can work out how David can force a win, but in case you're struggling, the answer is lower down this page.

...f4+!   0 - 1

If Kxf4, then ... Qe5+,   Kg4   Qf5#
If Kg4, then ... Qf5#
If Kh6, then ... Qh5+, Kg7 and after the exchange of queens, Black's g-pawn will promote.

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  1. In my game above there is a line I missed but the result is the same. If Kxg6 Qf5! then wherever the king moves the queens get exchanged and fxg3 wins.


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