Saturday, 1 April 2017

A position from the Bury Area League

The position below was reached on Thursday in a match between Richard Donaghay (Ely) and Colin Roberts (Bury St Edmunds).   Colin (Black) has just played 16... hxg3 and White replied 17. f2-f3.

Colin now missed the best continuation and went on to lose the game.   Can you see it (answer below).

Answer:   17...Qb6+   18. c5   Bxc5   19. Kf1 (only move).   Colin now suggests 19... Bf2, although with best play (20 Nc4!), White can probably survive.   Perhaps the best move (after 19. Kf1) is ... Bd6, renewing the threat on f2 and preventing White's threat of Bf4+.

But it's a complicated position and further analysis may reveal a better solution.   Can you help?


  1. Your line with 19. ... Bd6 is best and should give black a significant advantage providing he follows 20. Re2 Qd4, 21. Qd1 with Bf4! and not 21. ... Qxa1 22. Nb3 Qe5 23. f4 winning the bishop and letting white back in the game.

    Incidentally 18. ... Nxc5 looks good against 19. Nc4 Nxa4, 20 Nxb6 Nxb6 when black has regained his piece and is 2 p's up but 19 Qa5 stops the fun.

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