Thursday, 24 April 2014

Suffolk League Cup latest

Jim Buis (Manningtree) reports:

Following Manningtree’s disastrous result against Sudbury last night (they lost 1½ - 6½) the last match of the season now becomes the decider.   This match takes place next Tuesday when Ipswich B play Sudbury.

This is akin to an old fashioned final as the winner takes the cup.   Basically, Ipswich B need to draw or better, otherwise Sudbury will win!   (Always assuming the vagaries of the rapid play grading rules have no retrospective impact on recent results!)

Here's the current league table:

Ipswich A420217½
Ipswich B330014

With eight points at stake, either Ipswich B or Sudbury must overtake the current leaders.

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